Bridgend Martial Arts Academy - Teaching the Traditional Korean Art of Tang Soo Do
Tuscany, Italy - 27th~30th October 2011
From horrible Welsh Tuscany, Italy......70 degrees and sunny!!
A team representing the ITO and the Bridgend Martial Arts Academy participated in a worldwide martial arts event which received participants from every martial art you can think of, with over 4000 competitors!
The above photograph doesn't really show the immense size of this event, this was just 1 of 5 huge halls......and our team of 6 competitors, along with myself and our supporters (well they were called "followers" according to the Italian organisers) were present to support this great event and of course participate in Grandmaster Giacobbe's ITO International Championships which had visitors from the USA, Wales, Greece, Belgium, Holland, Panama and of course Italy.
Our team consisted of Tomos, Phil & Aled Hopkins, Shaun & Jason Roberts, and Peter Todorov......and they competed in Traditional Forms, Chil Sung Forms, Weapon Forms, Sparring and Tomos, Shaun & Peter represented us in the Sparring Team Event, and obviously we were by far the youngest, but an excellent opportunity for the team members to gain more experience.
The team lost their semi-final match against the very experienced and overall winners, Greece, but with a superb attitude and excellent effort, came back and won 2 out of their 3 matches against the USA who had two Master's in their team, so a bronze medal was presented to our team......excellent effort and determination by the team!
The overall results where fantastic, as the strength in our club has always been focussed in our Forms, and our results proved that fact......14 individual medals as well as the 3 bronze medals awarded to the team for the Team Sparring Event!
The individual results were as follows:
Tomos Hopkins:   Silver medals in Sparring & Traditional Forms
                           Bronze medals in Chil Sung Forms
                           & Weapons
Phil Hopkins:        Bronze medals in Traditional Forms,
                           Weapons & Sparring
Aled Hopkins:       Bronze medals in Chil Sung Forms &
Shaun Roberts:      Silver medal in Chil Sung Forms
                            Bronze medals in Sparring & Traditional
Peter Todorov:      Silver medal in Weapons
                            Bronze medal in Traditional Forms
Jason Roberts:       No medals but a fantastic effort and
                            unfortunately Jason just missed out on the
                            Bronze medals with two 4th places
Once again, congratulations to our team for their superb attitude, effort & determination.......Tang Soo!!
A huge thank you also to Grandmaster Giacobbe and his team for their determination in making this tournament happen in the first place, and of course Dr. Cristiano Radicchi (WTKA Organising Committee) who organised the best ever Martial Arts Festival I have ever had the pleasure of attending, as well as his excellent communication and determination in resolving our pre-visit questions, problems etc......thank you very much indeed.
See our Italy Gallery for some more photographs - not yet completed as I'm sure we have more photos to add to this gallery
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