Bridgend Martial Arts Academy - Teaching the Traditional Korean Art of Tang Soo Do
Grandmaster Giacobbe's Autumn Visit
The ITO President and Grandmaster, Dominick Giacobbe (9th Dan), visited Wales after recovering from an awful motorcycle accident which resulted in 3 broken bones in his neck and a high risk that he wouldn't fully recover. We are all so please and relieved to see our Grandmaster recovering at a great pace so much so that he has been able to visit his ITO schools around Europe before the end of 2016.............fantastic sir! Great to see you in Wales again!! Tang Soo!

Grandmaster taught 2 seminars during his visit to our do jang in Bridgend, the second one being a full Tai Chi session which was awesome! Then on the Wednesday Grandmaster conducted a Dan Test which produced some great performances from our students.......CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!

Paul Huish....................promoted to Kyo Sa
Brandon Sealey............promoted to 2nd Dan
Anthony Crocombe......promoted to 1st Dan
Christian Sealey...........promoted to 1st Dan
Aliza Sorongon...........promoted to 1st Dan

Here are some of the photos from the testing............

Another Special April Weekend!
Friday 22nd April at the Bridgend Martial Arts Academy Training Centre
Phil Hopkins Promoted to Sa Bom Phil Hopkins! 
(3rd Dan to 4th Dan Master)

Phil Hopkins receiving his 4th Dan Certificate from Grandmaster Giacobbe
Phil Hopkins receiving his 4th Dan Certificate from Grandmaster Giacobbe
Proudly wearing his 4th Dan Master Belt
Proudly wearing his 4th Dan Master Belt
Peter Todorov promoted to 3rd Dan Black Belt
Peter Todorov promoted to 3rd Dan Black Belt
Seminar with Grandmaster Giacobbe
Seminar with Grandmaster Giacobbe

Super Special April Weekend!

Friday 24th April at the new Bridgend Martial Arts Academy Training Centre
Kyo Sa Tom Hopkins Promoted to Sa Bom Tom Hopkins! 
(3rd Dan to 4th Dan, Master)

Saturday 25th April at the NIAC, Cardiff
UK Open Championships, hosted by TTF

What a fantastic Tang Soo Do day!!! 

Sunday 26th April at the new Bridgend Martial Arts Academy Training Centre
Seminar with Grand Master Dominick Giacobbe

An amazing martial arts weekend!!! Tang Soo!!

Dragon Tang Soo Do Open Championships
20th September 2014, Thornbury, Bristol

Over 260 competitors from around Wales & England participated in Master Chris White's annual Open Championship in Bristol, and as always, we had a great day with some outstanding performances from our Bridgend Martial Arts Academy are a selection of the photos:

3rd Dan Instructor, Tom Hopkins had an outstanding tournament winning both Forms & Sparring as well as a 3rd Place in Weapons, gaining a total of 25 points which was joint highest in the Grand Champion Adult Male award. William Barwick won 3rd Place in the Weapons Division, whilst Maya Sinclair won 1st Place in Forms. Eithan Tierney won 2nd Place in Forms whilst winning a 1st Place in the Sparring Division. Mags Williams also won 3rd Place in her Forms Division but for sparring was unfortunately moved into the Black Belt Division due to a lack of Gup competitors, really tough for Mags. Overall, an excellent performance by our BMAA students and no doubt these individual performances will boost their self-confidence and continue to drive their progression to a new level. Well done all!!

ITO World Championships
Atlantic City, USA July 2014
Master Vivian Thomas & Kyo Sa Tomos Hopkins attended the first ever ITO World Championships in Atlantic City, New Jersey during July 2014. A packed week started with training with Grandmaster Giacobbe at the ITO Headquarters on the Tuesday evening, following by Master Thomas participating in the "Martial Arts Show" on the Thursday evening, seminars on the Friday before the tournament commenced at 4pm with weapons & breaking. Saturday produced very large numbers of competitors from around the world to compete in "traditional & open forms" as well as sparring.


Kyo Sa Tom Hopkins being presented with one 
of his three World Championship Bronze Medals
- Open Forms, Traditional Forms & Weapons
outstanding performance by Tom

Master Thomas performing in the
Martial Arts Show

Grand Master Giacobbe Visits Wales to conduct a Dan Testing & Seminar 
Saturday 25th January 2014 was another awesome day with our ITO Founder & President, Grand Master Dominick always!
We started with the Dan Testing with all our current training Dan Grades completing their re-evaluation tests as well as Mr Jason Roberts testing & promoted to 3rd Dan.....excellent test Jason with a lot of hard work prior to your test, well done sir!
Newly promoted Mr Jason Roberts with Master Vivian Thomas & Grandmaster Dominick Giacobbe

After completion of our testing, Grand Master Giacobbe conducted an excellent seminar with 30 of our students, both Dan Grades and a full range of Gup Students. KJN taught us "Ho Shin Hyung" which is a self defense form that he was taught on his last visit to Korea, and to be honest, this was great!!

I would like to thank Grand Master Giacobbe for his outstanding leadership and drive of developing our group here in Wales.......Tang Soo!
Wune Tang Academy- Open Tournament
Master Thomas attended the Wune Tang Academy tournament with Peter Todorov on Saturday 5th October. Peter competed in Forms, Weapons & Breaking & was successful in both Forms & Breaking, attaining 1st Place in Forms & 2nd Place in Breaking ......congratulations Peter! 
All the hard work & commitment has paid off!!
We had another great day meeting up again with many martial art colleagues & friends, and many thanks to Master Claire Woon & Master Zak Woon for a well organised tournament & an overall great day. Tang Soo!
Dragon Tang Soo Do - Open Tournament
Students from the club participated in Master Chris White's open tournament on Saturday 21st September, and had a great day with some excellent results, especially in weapons & forms.
Thank you to Master White and his team for an excellent day, and thank you to the students from Bridgend Martial Arts Academy for positively supporting our club and the event.
I sincerely hope that this success, especially with regards to our younger Gup students, will encourage more to participate in next years events, not just in Bristol, but also further field.
Well done team!

Grandmaster Giacobbe's Welsh Visit
ITO President & Founder, Grandmaster Giacobbe visited us in April as a special guest to the UTC / TTF's UK Open Championships, conduct an internal ITO Seminar in Bridgend & put our Dan Grade's to the test in a bi-annual Dan Grade Testing.
Many congratulations the Master Trudgill & his team for once again an outstanding tournament as well as his promotion to 7th Dan, presented by KJN Penny Mitchell.
Also sincere thanks to all the ITO competitors who once again performed to an excellent high level.
Finally, a huge congratulations to Peter Todorov who successfully passed his 2nd Dan grading with outstanding positive attitude, discipline & technique.....well done Peter!
Many students missing from this photo!! Come on kids, lets have your photos!!
2013 Training with the Masters
Another fantastic day with our Tang Soo Do Family. Thank you Master Trudgill for arranging this......close to home as well.......a great day.....Tang Soo!!
1st ~ 4th November 2012 -
WTKA World Championships & ITO International Championships, Pisa, Italy
Click on "Italy 2012"
29th September 2012 -
Wune Tang Academy Tournament
We attended, for the first time, the Wune Tang Academy Tournament in the Connection Leisure Centre, Leamington (near Rugby) organised by Masters Zak & Claire Woon......we had a great day and would like to thank them for their efforts & a great tournament day!
As for our team, once again we performed not only to an excellent standard with many successes, but we assisted in Referring & Judging throughout the day to help the Wune Tang Academy. Thank you BMAA team for your help that day, most appreciated.
Here are the results that day, outstanding results again:
  >  Team Form (Tom / Shaun / Aled) - 1st Place
  >  Phil Hopkins - 1st Place Weapons
  >  Jason Roberts - 3rd Place Weapons
  >  Aled Hopkins - 1st Place Forms
  >  Aled Hopkins - 2nd Place Sparring
  >  Aled Hopkins - 2nd Place Weapons
  >  Tom Hopkins - 3rd Place Forms
26th September 2012 -
Dan & Kyo Sa Testing
ITO President & Founder Grandmaster Giacobbe along with Master Vivian Thomas conducted a Dan Testing followed by two Kyo Sa Nim tests in Cefn Glas Community Centre. The Dan Testing was very detailed and full of both junior & current grade techniques, forms and much more. The performance by the students were excellent & all their efforts & training for this testing paid off with a 100% pass rate & the following promotions achieved:
  >  Master Sian Hesketh promoted to 5th Dan
  >  Phillip Hopkins promoted to 3rd Dan
  >  James Davies promoted to 3rd Dan
  >  Michael Howells promoted to 3rd Dan
  >  Shaun Roberts promoted to 3rd Dan
  >  Joshua Howells promoted to 3rd Dan
  >  Aled Hopkins promoted to 3rd Dan
After completion of the Dan Testing, Tom Hopkins & Shaun Roberts tested for "Kyo Sa Nim" conducted by Grandmaster Giacobbe, with learning points passed on by our Grandmaster to them both for future success as Tang Soo Do Instructors. Congratulations to them both for achieving this level.
Tang Soo!
25th September 2012 -
Training with Grandmaster Giacobbe
ITO President & Founder Grandmaster Giacobbe taught the Bridgend students at Heronsbridge School on Tuesday night, and what an outstanding session we had! With a full hall of students, young & old, Grandmaster |Giacobbe took us through our paces.....basics, combinations, all the Gup forms, self defense & finished with some free sparring.....everybody thoroughly enjoyed the session. Thank you Grandmaster for your time & effort!! Tang Soo!!
22nd September 2012 -
Dragon Tang Soo Do Open Championships
Another outstanding & enjoyable tournament for our BMAA Team....both as individuals & the successful Team Form trio of Tom Hopkins, Shaun Roberts & Aled Hopkins who are on a great run of obtaining podium success! After becoming UK Team Form Champions in may 2012, followed by a 2nd place in London in June, at the Dragon Tang Soo Do Open Championships, the team pulled out another excellent performance and won 1st place followed by the Grand Champion Team award for the highest points out of all the team events.....well done boys!!
Additional success for the BMAA students was achieved with some excellent results, especially in the Weapons Categories where the Black Belts of the BMAA have been working hard on new exciting forms with many more complex moves, specifically for tournaments.....well done gents! Jason Roberts (1st Place), Aled Hopkins (1st Place) & Tomo Hopkins (3rd Place)
Student of the Event for BMAA - Aled outstanding successful day for Aled with not only 1st Place in the Team Form division, but also 1st Place in Weapons, 2nd Place in Sparring & 3rd Place in Forms. Well done Aled, an outstanding day for you and the club!!
2012 UK Championships
Wow!!    What an awesome outstanding tournament, a perfect family day for Tang Soo Do......and an outstanding set of results for the ITO & Bridgend Martial Arts Academy with over 25 medals, 4 UK Champions and a 1st Place for our Dan Grade Hyung Team.......may we take this opportunity to thank Master John Trudgill and his team for providing the "tournament of the year" and also a big thank you and congratulations to all of our students who participated in this tournament and done us all very proud indeed......Tang Soo!!!
Over 900 Competitiors for this outstanding event!!!
Our Team with their 1st Place Trophy for Team Hyung!!! Outstanding!!
Master Vivian Thomas receives his promotion to 7th Dan from Grandmaster Dominick Giacobbe with Tournament Director, Master John Trudgill
Dragon Tang Soo Do Open Championships
Our first visit to Master Chris White's Dragon Tang Soo Do Open Championship was an outstanding day......the organisation, friendliness and overall Tang Soo Do day was very memorable to say the least. No doubt, with a drive to increase our student participation in 2012, another fantastic day will be on our calendar.
This year we took 5 students from the Bridgend Martial Arts Academy and their efforts and attitude was excellent. Not only that, as a small group participating in our first Dragon Tang Soo Do Open Championship, we achieved some excellent results in the categories, especially in the Forms Categories.
Congratulations to all the team who particiapted and supported the event, and roll on the 2012 tournament in Bristol!
A super congratulations to 2nd Dan Joshua Howells who won the Junior Grand Champion award with 1st Place in Forms, 1st Place in Weapon Forms & 2nd Place in the Sparring......and outstanding effort by Joshua! Well done!!
The following students were promoted on Sunday 11th September 2011:
Tomos Hopkins - promoted to 3rd Dan
Jakob Waterhouse - promoted to 2nd Dan
Ceri Jones - promoted to 1st Dan
Fantastic grading by you all......congratulations & Tang Soo!!
Keeping it in the Family!
Peter Todorov tested for his 1st Dan Black Belt in the Wales ITO Dan Grading in March 2011 and successfully achieved his Dan Grade Certificate on 12th May 2011. Peter is the 3rd member of the family to achieve their 1st Dan Black Belts within the past 12 excellent family achievement!! Maria, Peter and Hannah are possibly one family you may not want to mess with! Congratulations to you all.

Grandmaster Giacobbe visits Wales in March 2011
ITO President & Founder, Grandmaster Dominick Giacobbe visited is Wales during March 2011 and conducted a series of Seminars as well as a Dan Grade Examination in Bridgend. Members from the Bridgend Martial Arts Academy and some special guests from the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation learnt some special Yoga Martial Arts forms called "Ti Ji Nae Bu" and enjoyed the seminars which also includes some traditional training sessions.
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